How I dated her: “Had a fight with someone who wanted to buy foot pics”

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The above questions have not been answered. He just asked me where I’m from. Stephen said he was from California himself, but English grammar revealed that was also a lie. After informing me that our exchange would be two weeks, as his fixed foot models were on vacation at the time, he made it clear what he expected of me: “Clean up the feet pictures nicely, either with paint or without a background is perfectThen two or three shots a day.


I thought, if this is real, get out. Then I’ll shoot with walkers in the evening and I’ll be $2,000 richer in a couple of weeks. But wait, was that for real? At least Stephen did his best to convince me of that. He sent a disappearing photo of his bank account (which may have been photographed) with more than $386,000. Enough money to make this girl very happy, she thinks.

But then we ran into a huge problem: Can he trust me? Well, Stephen, I guess we’d better ask ourselves if I can trust you, you old prankster. After a bit of chatter back and forth about how to tell if one of us was making the other angry, he told me to send a preview of my feet before he paid. Otherwise, how could he know what he was paying for? Well played, Steve.


At first I asked for another $100 for this preview content, but Steve wouldn’t agree. He ignored him for several hours, after which he asked if I was still interested. After consulting with the home front, I decided to post a disappearing photo on Instagram, where I got a notification when a screenshot was taken.

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And guess what: no screenshot was taken, but then it rained on the image that I thought was nothing special. with messages likeamazing“,”Oh, my God“,”Are these your feet?? ‘,’You have beautiful feet and I love the look‘ And ‘This can make me send all my life savings hahaStephen has tried to become a great buddy with me.

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Payment requests

Fortunately I am not completely retarded; I just wanted to see the pennies. That’s why I sent:If you like them so much, show me how muchwith a payment link. I also created a Revolut account. This is a secure way to transfer and receive money that is not directly linked to your bank. just in case.

Unfortunately, Stephen is a bit behind, because he acted as if he had no idea what I meant by the letter. Presumably the link didn’t work and he wanted my bank details. Impossible, Jose. Again I sent him the IBAN of my Revolut account. I wanted to see money on it, otherwise he could whistle on the pictures.

so i trust

But no, Stephen was afraid again. Am I really going to send him the pictures? Accompanied by a screenshot of a desperate and one-sided conversation with another girl who ignored him, he says he paid her off yesterday and hasn’t heard anything since. “I try to be careful“Yes, honey, you came close to me. You probably should have thought of that a little earlier.

Then came the question that confirmed to me (more) that this was a major scam:what is your E-mail address? For people who don’t know yet, your mailbox really is the easiest thing for hackers to hack into. So never give it to someone who approaches you in this way.

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When I told Stephen it sounded like a scam, he got angry. Suddenly he is no longer interested. Then after that I was mad, because I sent him a picture and I hadn’t seen a penny yet.

Mind manipulation It is indeed one of the many talents that our friend Stephen possesses. with messages likeIf you feel uncomfortable or don’t trust me, why would you ask me to send you my money? This is very bad“,”I don’t know if I’m rich or not, but I have more than you‘ And ‘I will not harm you or cheat you(Devastatingly dramatic, Stephen, act naturally) He thought he could convince me of his goodness.

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Fake mail

To try it again, I decided to create a fake email. After a few more pathetic messages from him pretending to be the one who wasn’t comfortable with this whole situation, I told him I wanted to stop. Of course Steven was there in that moment like a chicken that gets paid anyway. I received a screenshot with my IBAN and confirmation that $1209 was transferred. He paid an additional $209 to make sure it went straight to my bank.

Now a little optimistic, I sat in the office and told everything to my colleagues, because how sick would I be if I was a relative $1,000 richer? But you guessed it: ten minutes later there was nothing on my bill. But when I checked my inbox for the fake email, I got a message that was so spam it made me laugh. I was sure that if I clicked on one link it could take over my entire internet life.

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He asked again for my email and when I said I wouldn’t give it to her (surprisingly) he got angry again. “Do you even understand English?‘ And ‘are you so stupidHe snapped his annoying little fingers. I replied: If you’re going to call me stupid, I think we’re done here. Then his little fingers tapped hard on his keyboard again and he threw upYou need to calm down and listen‘ Outside. “You don’t need to do anything xThat was my answer.

Stephen finished and said he was going to cancel his payment. He meant, of course, that payment he never sent, but he expected perhaps to scare me a little more by being nice again. But no, I’m a little done with this experiment. His last words were:I have never met a European woman so stupid and arrogant as yousent to:I’ve never met an American who spoke horrible English, so… Good luck finding someone else“.

love story

And that was the end love story Between me and Stephen. Conclusion? If you want to sell your foot pictures, I think there are good and safe platforms for that. I would avoid dealing with these types of scammers if I were you.

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