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OPPO has revealed ColorOS 12 running Android 12, which will arrive on OPPO and OnePlus smartphones with an open beta release in China later this year. The upgrade features a redesigned design with new icons, more white space, and revamped animations.

He. She New design for ColorOS 12 It reduces information density and increases the use of different colors to present information more clearly to users. The different colors should help users distinguish between important and less important information. The new operating system will also receive Omojis, which are avatars that can display facial expressions and can be used in video calling apps, for example.

Adds ColorOS According to XDA Developers Additionally, more gestures have been added, so users can use in-app hand gestures to switch between apps and full-screen apps in separate windows. The upgrade also comes with a new cross-screen connectivity function, which improves the connection between the smartphone and PC. For example, users can edit documents on PC which are stored on a smartphone and they can control their smartphone from PC.

Another new feature is Smart Sidebar 2.0 with six new features, such as playing music or comparing prices from online stores. With the new car screen display function, users can once again link their smartphone to the car.

The upgrade also got 300 improved animations so that the operating system feels more fluid. There is also a new artificial intelligence engine that should prevent stuttering while using a smartphone. Finally, the upgrade removes metadata from shared photos and videos to ensure user privacy.

The ColorOS 12 upgrade will appear in China next month as an open beta for OPPO’s Find X3 and OnePlus 9 smartphones. In November, the Find X2 and Reno6 models will receive an open beta upgrade, followed by the Ace2, Reno5, K9 and A95 models a month later. More smartphones will be released in the first half of 2022, including OnePlus 7 models and Reno3 smartphones.

Chinese smartphones OnePlus Get it since March The manufacturer at the time, ColorOS, said OxygenOS would continue to be used outside of China. in a July The two companies said yes to integrate their code base.

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