January 27, 2023

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Night catering loses urgent measures against the state • 'Women suffer from the Corona crisis more than men'

Night catering loses urgent measures against the state • ‘Women suffer from the Corona crisis more than men’

It seems that women are suffering from the Corona crisis more than men. This was mentioned by Rabobank, which Research I did for the vast prosperity of the Netherlands. Broad prosperity includes the general well-being of people, and in addition to material prosperity, it also covers issues such as health, education, the environment and the living environment. Rabobank’s survey shows that women have deteriorated more in the past year than men.

The men’s work-life balance improved, perhaps because they started working from home more often. This also applies to women, but progress is much less there. In the areas of health, social participation and personal development, women have deteriorated significantly. The bank says the decline in health in men is “fairly significant”.

Both men and women have improved in terms of income and job security. The researchers say a possible explanation for this may be government support measures. More research is needed to gain a better understanding of where the differences in developing broad prosperity between men and women come from.

The researchers explained that the implications for the overall prosperity of our country are clear. “Apart from the potential consequences of phasing out support measures for job security and income, it is already clear that the Corona virus has already affected our broad prosperity. In the past year we saw that the broad prosperity deteriorated in the dimensions of subjective well-being, social contacts and housing, the health dimension will be added this year” .