U.S. victory in Aceh, Netherlands crawling to fifth place

U.S. victory in Aceh, Netherlands crawling to fifth place

Sovereign performance of the American team in Achen on Thursday evening. Each of the four combinations that began for the United States in the Nations Cup went to at least one clear round. Brian Mogray sent the event Follow to Reventon Twice in the clear round (by Garnet Obolensky), Laura Grott compensates for her rider error in the first round. பாலுடினியூ (Via follow to root) Take success without a problem. Sweden’s ‘B-Team’ went second and third to the French team, who were initially crippled. The Netherlands climbed to fifth last time, thanks to a clear round by Sunny Dijson Con some (V. Quinar).

The Nations Cup – with eight participating nations – was held in two rounds, with twelve hurdles. The first round in the order determined by drawing the slips, the second round in the reverse order of levels. No need for jump-offs today.

Fifth place for Orange

To start with the Dutch team, it was not easy. Kevin Joachims started first with a big jump Turbo Z. (By Thunder vd Zuuthoeve). Joachim got a bar on the first lap on the hard steep jump in front of the ditch, but otherwise the Turbo Z went well over it. Bart Place overheated the ribbon ribbon in his first round Crisis TV (By Cooper and Hefing). Place kept the damage to a minimum, however it took some helmsmanship, especially on the last line. As always, Sunny Dijsen may have relied on the ability and immense zeal of Quidam, but the brown also lost its hard vertical tab before the water. Harry Smalters rode in his first round with a few extra canter tabs that went well for a long time. Finally got Bingo to Park (By Mylord Cartago) More yellow bulls with hind legs came from his place, and there was a time sentence. The Netherlands finished the first round on 12 penalties and were seventh, behind the Brazilians. Kevin Joachim’s Turbo Z axle easily bounced on the grass and jumped well. Unfortunately two yellow bulls came down on the lap and Joachims had four penalty points again. Bart Place won his second national trophy in Aceh for the Dutch team. With Chris Cross TV he passed the famous steep jump in the second round, but Place made a mistake in the middle element of the jump three times and exited the last ex. Eight penalty points and stripe results for Blaze in the second round. In the second round Con Quidam knew there was a vertical tab in front of the big water. The brown color overlaps the top of the tabs and saves neatly from the last line. Tijsen and his best partner are clear in their second round. They are the only ones, because even though the Smolders managed well with Bingo to Park in the first half, the white steep jump is killed by the hind legs. The smokers did not make time again, again ending with 5 penalty points. With 21 penalty points, it is the fifth time for Team NL to recover slightly after losing in Belgium and Germany (with three riders).

Harry Smolders with Bingo to Park. Photo: Arnd Bronkhorst / www.arnd.nl

Famous America

The Americans had already been taken into account in advance, because the United States had appointed an excellent committee. First starter Jessica Springsteen came off as enjoyable Don Juan van de Donkov (By Pamco de Muse) Clear through the great curriculum. Her timing misalignment disappeared when the allowed time was extended after three starts. Second starter Lucy Teslariors finished the course very quickly and clearly with 16-year-old BWP Zelding. Hester (S. Wander von de Mispeller). Third rider Brian Mogray had the killer Follow to Reventon (By Garnet Opolensky) Saddle. A beautiful horse that jumps beautifully. Both of the big yellow bulls got into big trouble, but Palo saved himself and was clear. Laura Grod no longer has to enter the ring for the US team, but did so anyway to qualify for personal GB on Sunday. Like Tokyo, Baludinu is pleasing to the eye, but all of this can be mistaken for the white vertical tab. Grod loses some time and communicates badly, so Baludinu cuts the barrier right. In the second half of the lesson both can wisely defend themselves. Grod apologizes to his horse and as a result of one round defeat, the Americans lead and the second round may start last. In it, Springsteen and Don Juan come back up the tree, but the beams fall on the crossroads and the last exorcism. For the second Xer in the triple jump the Tsluriers lose some momentum and hit a beam with her horse’s hind legs. The USA team seems to be falling slightly in stats. But again there are Mogre and Palo du Reventon. They show a flawless and powerful circuit and are clear again. The United States is ultimately ahead of Sweden as Laura Grod starts the final round with a last start. She now goes well on the white steep jump and looks beautiful through three forks. The last line also goes well. Baloutinue once again proves to be a world horse, with the Americans winning the competition.

Sweden continues to amaze

On paper Sweden sent a B team. After gold in Tokyo and disappointing fourth place at the European Championships two weeks ago, expectations were not high. But still. First starter Petronella Anderson had to get a bit more and drive to eight penalty points in the lap. Only one bar on the second lap went better. Introduced to Jens Frederickson (brother) Morgan Cosmopolitan (Via Kohiba VDL) rode at 1m60 tonight and two clear laps, despite a lost brace in the round, which was fortunately found just in time. The beginning of the dream of this combination. The brown man could not see that he had never run a race like this before. Annika Axelson won Cleo Z. (By Clintisimo Z) A bar in both rounds. The less experienced rider of the Swedish team gives excellent performance with his excellent jumping mare. The last Swedish starter, 43-year-old Angeli van Essen, is also impressive. The first round is almost flawless, and despite a touch of the first and last obstacle, Van Essen destroys the second round Carmilus’s Alcaphone (By Diamond de Semily). Sweden have a total of 8 penalty points, which is enough for second place.

Angeli von Essen met with Alcapon des Carmilli Photo: Arnd Bronkhorst / www.arnd.nl

Initially French with three men

The game started badly for France. Second starter Laurent Coffinet took the first steep jump on his horse and then got stuck in the third jump after refusing the second. He rode back, but Stallion didn’t do it anymore. At the beginning of the game, a series ended for France. A menu for Kevin Stat does not make things better. Mark is with Dilaser Ariodo du Jevres Great luck to the yellow sheep. The horse slides over the back beam of the abdomen, but the case remains the same. Fortunately, France needed a clear round. Still, after the first round, the French are unlikely to come close to the stage. Nicholas Delmode drives down a beam. In the second round it goes better, again with the tiller and now with the delmode Holy Vs. (By Diamond de Semily) A clear round. A total of 12 penalty points brings the three French players to a fine bronze.

Unfortunate for the Germans and the Belgians

Achen ends up disappointed for Germany and Belgium. Marcus Ehning only came to the film by foot, he apparently fell from the front a la carte NRW. The Germans had to retreat, with which the eastern neighbors immediately got their bar end. It was nice for a while, but the house of cards eventually broke down. Christian Ahlman and Killer Queen on Clintrexo Z make clear rounds in the first round at VDM with Daniel Deuser ending with four errors in David. This is second only to the United States, along with Belgium and Sweden. But on the second lap Clintrexo clicks two beams from the spoon, he lands very fast on the last giant ax and Ahlman almost flies. The C-Four-2 is no longer available over bars. It starts with a few bangs on three thorns, where the middle one falls, and then the board and the last bulls fall too. With all the results calculated, Germany ends up with 24 penalty points, still trailing the Netherlands. Something similar is happening in Belgium. Southern Neighbors have only one jumping mistake after Round 1, but Quel Home de Hussein’s mistake in the second round and a diving Nevados in the last tax expense beam. Belgium are fourth with 16 penalties.

Daniel Tusser meets Killer Queen VDM Photo: Arnd Bronkhorst / www.arnd.nl

As a result

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