Chambers still wants to investigate Orange’s possible role in the Butch case

Chambers still wants to investigate Orange's possible role in the Butch case

The House of Representatives still wants an independent investigation into the possible influence from the Royal House in the criminal case of former Dutch-Argentine pilot Julio Bosch. It won a majority on a motion from the D66, SP and PvdA calling on the outgoing government to do so. Butch was imprisoned in Argentina for eight years on suspicion of participating in death flights in the 1980s, during which opponents of the dictatorship were thrown from planes over the sea.

D66 member Sjoerd Sjoerdsma noted during a discussion that the Macchielse Commission, which was investigating the situation regarding Poch’s arrest and extradition from the Netherlands to Argentina, had confirmed that an attempt had been made to intervene. It was a phone call from a woman who claimed to have spoken on behalf of circles around oranges. I found the situation distressing for Princess Maxima at the time. Her father, Jorge Zorreguita, was part of the Argentine junta at the time.

The Chamber considers it “undesirable and harmful to the image of the Dutch constitutional state and the royal house if the impression of an alleged influence on the royal house persists in the Buch criminal case.”

The House approved a similar proposal in February. The intention at the time was for the National Criminal Investigation Service to investigate the matter. But he didn’t want to because of the statute of limitations, according to Shurdsma.

Butch spent eight years in the Argentine cell before being acquitted in 2017 of participating in the so-called death flights carried out by the Argentine junta in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

And the outgoing Minister of Justice and Security, Fred Graberhaus, promised the House of Representatives on Tuesday that Bush would receive “daily compensation for his unfair detention.” This is 100 euros a day. As Poch was held abroad, this amount doubled.

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