Daniel Jones of the New York Giants

Daniel Jones of the New York Giants

Landover, MD – New York Giants Quarterback Daniel Jones Underestimate what appeared to be a heated discussion with a wide receiver Kenny Goladay late in the final quarter of Thursday night’s 30-29 loss to the Washington Soccer team, saying that Guldai was simply “frustrated.”

Goladay, who scored three times for 38 yards on eight goals, was seen yelling at Jones near the bench in the final minutes of the game.

“He was frustrated with the situation,” Jones said afterwards. “I don’t think it was me or anyone in particular.”

Golladay, who signed a massive free agent contract that included a guaranteed $40 million in this off-season, has seven catches for 102 yards in his first two games for the Giants. He was not available for comment following the defeat, which dropped the Giant 0-2 for the fifth consecutive season.

New York coach Joe Judge said he saw Jones and Goladay “embracing in the locker room” but he doesn’t know anything else about the situation.

Jones said he spoke with Goladay in the locker room afterwards and that everything was fine. The midfielder said he did not take it personally.

“I’ll say again: He wasn’t showing me individually,” Jones said. “So it’s part of the game. Like I said, he’s emotional, he wants to win. We all do that. I respect that.”

Part of Golladay’s anger seemed to come from his desire to get the ball more. He only had one goal in the final quarter on Thursday and it was tightly covered.

“Yeah, I think that’s part of it,” Jones said. “You definitely want the receivers who want the ball. We’ll keep working through it.”

Jones said he doesn’t think he and Goladay will have a problem moving forward. The caller emphasized that they have a strong relationship and that he appreciates Golladay’s passion and the passion he brings to the table.

wide future sterling shepherd Close to both players and didn’t do much dust.

“I think this all confused you guys,” Shepherd said. “[Golladay] It was hot in position. We needed some big plays, and he was super hot in the situation. We all love each other. This is what happens in this game when your emotions get into it. You say what you want to say, and then move on. We all love each other, fix it at the end of the day and hug each other and keep pushing.”

Despite being under a lot of pressure, Jones played one of the best matches of his career on Thursday. He threw for 249 yards and landed and ran for 95 yards and a point. He also had another long touchdown that was negated by a penalty kick.

For the second week in a row, Shepherd, not Goldaday, was Jones’ favorite and most reliable target. Shepherd picked up nine passes on 10 goals for 94 yards against Washington.

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