January 30, 2023

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Rumors: Samsung Galaxy S22 gets a smaller battery than its predecessor – tablets and phones – news

Both like it. My OnePlus 8 charges within half an hour and I’ve been using it for 3-4 days on a battery charge. With 1 to 2 hours of SOT daily.

I stripped it down a bit for this, but this was more for privacy, not because of the idea of ​​battery life. But all those apps constantly sending your entire property to Google cost a lot of power and you have absolutely no advantage (without everything working fine, I still have google push for example). see also what @ferex Say below

I’m not signed into a google account (payment and location optimization still works) and installing apps via F-Droid (preferred because apps are tracking-free and often very lightly written) or AuroraDroid. Lots of stuff included like Youtube (Do I use NewPipe for), OnePlus Store, OnePlus weather etc. I removed it. For cloud image uploads, I have a Cryptomator, which also encrypts everything end-to-end.

So I still had a reasonable (albeit not perfect) improvement in privacy and a significant improvement in battery life, without losing functionality. As mentioned, I did it primarily for privacy, but it really surprised me how much battery life I got in return. I don’t even have things like deep sleep turned on.

My S8 also only allowed me half a day after 4 years of having it and that was the same light usage pattern. When it was new (without the same privacy treatment) I only got it for a day or so. This is really progress.

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