For vacation, school trip or balcony: now they only get a chance

For vacation, school trip or balcony: now they only get a chance

Where, according to GGD, an average of 8,360 new appointments were scheduled per day last week, there were a lot more per day this week:

  • Monday: 13.442
  • Tuesday: 15,558
  • Wednesday: 15.129
  • Thursday: 12,421

According to GGD, the fact that many appointments are now taking place is due to the increased age group from 18 to 35 years old. This is needed soon,” says the spokesperson.

Randall (45): I just want to be able to go on vacation

Randall kept his passport and yellow booklet in the car for some time because he wasn’t sure if he would get the vaccination. “I thought about it for a long time. Tuesday’s press conference was crucial.”

In fact, he did not want to be vaccinated because of the “potential long-term side effects” and the “duress and urgency” that now surrounds him. “It makes me very rebellious. Because it’s about my health and my life.”


Another factor: he does not trust the government. “In the past, Ruti lied and suddenly he couldn’t remember things. How much do we hear now about the reality of vaccination and the side effects and what the future will look like in terms of procedures?”

However, he has now been vaccinated. “I want to go out to dinner, on vacation. Then you can say, ‘You can take the test, right? But no one likes to take a test like that several times a week. So you’re indirectly forced.'”

There is a lot of discussion about it in his friend group, he says. “There are a lot of proponents out there who say, ‘You’re not just protecting yourself, you’re protecting the people around you.’ Others think more about conspiracy theories. I’m somewhere in between.”

Wanisha (28 years old): “I want to go to the stands”

Anisha visits the vaccination site spontaneously. “I’m here because of the last press conference. I just want to go out on the stands. I want to go where I want to, without having to audition every time.”

She didn’t want to get vaccinated before the press conference. “I didn’t feel like it was developed enough and that they knew enough about it. Something had broken out in the world, and there’s a vaccine all at once, while other vaccines go on for years of scientific research. I wanted to wait until I couldn’t get around it.”

“Now I’m going to take a picture”

That moment came on Monday, when the new measures were leaked. “I thought: Now I’ll get a chance or your freedom will be taken away. Then I’ll take it.”

There are discussions among her group of friends about it, but in a respectful way. “Everyone has a different opinion. One does and one does not.” She doesn’t yet know how to feel about the injection. “I just wore it, it feels good. We’ll see.”

Nick (15): “For my school trip to Berlin”

Nick came to Vaccination Street with his father without an appointment. “Because I need it for the week I travel to Berlin with the school. I’m in fourth grade. You can also take the test, but after that it’s easier to get vaccinated. Going to the cinema or eating out is also useful.”

also for family

He had previously questioned whether he wanted to be vaccinated and his father had left him free to choose. Last Tuesday’s press conference was crucial. “Because you can’t go anywhere without proof or testing, I’ll do it anyway. And I’m also doing it a little bit for the family, for the sake of protection.”

He says he “feels some obligation.” “You can no longer do anything spontaneously without a negative test or vaccination. Then that’s more convenient.” His group of friends don’t really talk about it. “Everyone just does that.”


For the sake of privacy, not everyone wanted to be recognized in the photo and mentioned by name. Full names are known to the editors.

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