Will there be a new government one day? This changes the departure of Sigrid Cage

Will there be a new government one day?  This changes the departure of Sigrid Cage

1. Why exactly did KAG leave?

The evacuations from Afghanistan were widely criticized. A motion to assign blame for this reason was made with the support of the opposition party and the entire coalition ChristenUnie, which had a majority.

Cabinet members don’t have to resign after such a carnage, it’s a kind of yellow card, but Kaag, who has been in charge of policy as the outgoing foreign minister, believes that if the policy is rejected, the minister responsible should resign. She said that after the motion passed in the House of Representatives. This can be seen in the video below:

Wester says Kag couldn’t do anything else. “In April, when a motion to censure Mark Rutte was passed, she said she would have resigned in his case. That statement caused a lot of trouble, because they were both shaping up. Now that statement is breaking herself. She. We can’t help but be consistent.” .

2. Isn’t it strange that Defense Minister Ank Bielefeld, against whom the censure bill was also passed, is still standing?

“It sounds a little weird,” Wester says. “You say Bielefeld she made a different decision, and she was allowed to do so. Plus she wasn’t ultimately responsible for the chaotic evacuations, that was Sigrid Cage.”

3. What does Cage’s resignation mean for her political career?

Not much actually. She is no longer an acting Secretary of State. But she is still a member of Parliament and leader of the D66 party, and in the latter capacity continues to form.

Wester says she could also become a minister in a new government. “Look at Minister Donner. He’s resigned a few times, and has also become a minister again a few times. He’s always done so in a new ministry. Officially, Kaag can also return to foreign affairs in the new government, although that hasn’t happened yet. Possible. hand. After that, it is customary to go to another ministry.”

4. It’s getting harder to form now that Kaag has left, and we’ve been hearing since last night. Why is it like that?

“Shaping definitely hasn’t gotten any easier,” Wester says. “Kag now his hands are completely free and he can enter the process freely.”

“Plus, they like this choice in the D66. Her position there has been strengthened, but this does not apply to the outside world and other parties. I can imagine that she wants revenge and thus makes more demands during formation.”

5. Is there a greater chance of holding new elections now?

Wester is not immediately afraid of it. “Elections are always the last resort. They are called if there is a disagreement in the Cabinet itself or if there is a breach of trust with the House of Representatives. There is no doubt about both in this case.”

“Both parties can of course conclude that they can’t come to an agreement together and that they leave the decision up to the voter. But neither side is interested in that. It is too late, because it takes about 40 days to be able to make the decision. Elections. And then it must be reconstituted. The campaign banks are empty, because there were only elections. And there is a possibility that there will be more fragmentation, making it more difficult to form a majority.”

6. What does Cage’s departure mean for Mark Rutte?

Mark Root had to look for a solution to the gap in the State Department. It was found: D66 member Tom de Bruijn, outgoing Minister of Foreign Trade, temporarily takes over the ministry from Sigrid Kaag.

“But what Cage’s resignation means for Rota’s role in the squad is not yet clear. Officially it doesn’t matter, although disappointed of course. But it largely depends on how Cage will act now. Are you looking for revenge or not. Not? “

“This weekend they are going to health with stylist Johan Remix to see if they can melt personal relationships. And then hopefully we’ll know more Sunday evening.”

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