Meta reports that upcoming VR headsets will be ‘much more expensive than $800’

Meta reports that the $800 advertised price for the upcoming Project Cambria VR and augmented reality headset is incorrect. The headset will cost “significantly” more. Meta would like to introduce four new headphones through 2024.

Meta responds with the statement to a message from The Information, which it claims is based on a roadmap Meta four new VR headsets until 2024 release. The site cites two anonymous sources familiar with the plans in its post. They claim Project Cambria is the first of four headphones. It should come out in September and cost $800.

This message is incorrect, Meta reports to RoadtoVR, because Price “much higher” it will be. With this startling statement, it appears that Meta wants to prevent users from setting false expectations. Project Cambria is a cutting edge virtual reality and augmented reality headset that Meta has been working on for a while. Last year the company showed Teaser from Project Cambria

According to information sources, Meta staff internally refers to Project Cambria as a “laptop for your face” and a “Chromebook for your face”. The headset will be running an operating system developed by Meta which is based on Android. It was previously announced that the device will receive cameras that record the environment in color and cameras that track users’ eye movements and facial expressions.

Visualizations of what will be the Meta Cambria project. source: Brad Lynch
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