The new laptop concept includes a tilting screen and a display stand with components – Computer – News

If you like to curl up on the bench with that laptop on your lap, this layout feels less appropriate to me. The raised screen is an added advantage for playing at the table.

The last photo shows a blue sheen on the back for a cool air I think. And a red sparkle on the top and sides of the warm air I think. I think it’s best to take cool air from the back and front (below) of the base of the screen. Warm air is emitted along the entire top, not simply from the sides. Warm air rises, so it works better. If implemented in this way, it seems to me an improvement and therefore good for gaming laptops. So I’m going to tweak the design a bit more.

The base of the display could probably be a bit larger to allow for more parts and airflow.

I actually think it’s a clever design. She has potential.

Just adding: I’d like to move the keyboard closer to the user. This looks more fun. And maybe the touchpad is a bit more right/upper for right-handers. Well, the player prefers to use the mouse, I think.

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