Nervous aide while cutting the Queen: “I need a gin and a tonic!” † the Royal family

Nervous aide while cutting the Queen: "I need a gin and a tonic!"  † the Royal family

“As of March 2020, I have washed and styled the Queen’s hair every week. I even cut it when needed. My team called it Kelly’s Salon,” Kelly wrote in the additional chapter, of which Hello! magazine quotes. The Queen realized I was nervous and was shivering for the first two weeks. I’ve only styled her hair once or twice before.”

Kelly was originally only the British Queen’s tailor, but during Corona, the Queen allowed very few people into Windsor Castle. According to the aide, the queen was very friendly when she started using the maiden’s tools. That has changed quite a bit over time, according to Kelly. “As I became more confident, the Queen sometimes thought I was a professional. Then she cried, ‘Don’t do it, do it this way.’ Then I thought: ‘Oh, my God, I need a gin and a tonic!'”

This created a new tradition, Kelly says. Every time she finished the Queen’s hair, she would drink a gin and a tonic. On occasion, when the Queen’s haircut had to be appropriate for her TV speeches, she needed an entire bottle of gin, she joked. “Then I had to get her hair perfect. When I next went for the zoom, Kelly’s salon got really busy. Luckily I only had one client!”

Origin from The other side of the coin It came out in October 2019. The Queen has personally given permission to reveal details about her engagement to Kelly.

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