New TCL Mini TVs with Google TV support Airplay 2 and HomeKit – Picture and Sound – News

I have a first generation Apple TV 4k (I think the second version came out recently)

I personally love him very much. The interface of the Apple TV itself is “noisy” / “well-responsive”. Picture and sound quality is good (I connected it to an AV receiver). “Third Party Apps” are generally good enough (NLZIET, Netflix, etc.). I don’t use it for games and the like. I only use it for NLZIET, video streaming services, and Spotify.

I have a folder for unremovable apps (TV, podcasts, etc.) that I don’t use, along with the Settings app, App Store app, etc, so I think this is also a great solution. (It’s readily available when needed, but it doesn’t get in the way, and it’s not “thrown out”)

I’ve included my Home Assistant in my Apple TV as a Homekit bridge, so I can use the Home app for Home Assistant devices on my phone and tablet. (I think this works better than the Home Assistant app)

The only thing I don’t personally like is the virtual remote. This is a small device that you have to charge using the lightning cable (included). In my opinion, the remote control lasts a long time on a single battery charge. I’ve been using the Logitech Harmony remote for years, and it’s working fine for me. It has native support, which connects to the Apple TV via Bluetooth. (So ​​there is no need to aim).
So the only thing I can’t use right now is speech support which I think is built into the remote (not interested in it, but maybe something for you †

Pro tip:
I took the version with more storage “just in case”, but I don’t use it. Smaller storage would have been more than enough (considering that I only use it for streaming services). I guess all my apps together take up less than 1 to 1.5 GB of storage (interface doesn’t show how much space you have left, just how much storage the app costs, but no cache. There are apps so it shows how much you have left, but they don’t show memory Caching, or what is “real data” (only “busy” and “free”)

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