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Ziggo has started offering the Mediabox Next Mini. This small receiver is available with two cheaper TV plans and can be rented for a second or third TV. It is also possible that some customers will be able to exchange their existing Mediabox XL for a fee.

On the Ziggo Forum, the Ziggo Community Developer explains that new customers who choose All-in-1 Start or Internet & TV Start (TV Start subscriptions) He will get a Next Mini as part of their subscription. The Mediabox Next Mini is specifically offered on the Ziggo website for these two types of subscriptions as a device that customers will get at home.

Within the All-in-1 and Internet & TV packages, Start is the cheapest subscription. Full and Max subscriptions are expensive, which includes faster download speeds, but these Alles-in-1 and Internet & TV subscriptions do not currently receive the Mediabox Next Mini. They will continue to receive Mediabox Next. The TV Start subscription does not provide recording options.

According to Ziggo, the arrival of the Next Mini means that “a 4K viewing experience is now standard across all packages.” The mini set-top box will be introduced in phases and therefore will be available first on TV Start. At a later time, the set-top box will also be available with TV Complete and TV Max, but Ziggo has yet to say when that will be the case.

Only customers with a Mediabox Next and TV Complete or TV Max package have the option to rent a Mediabox Next Mini, so it can be used for their second or third TV. This rent costs 4 euros per month. The arrival of the Next Mini means that from now on it is no longer possible to purchase Mediabox Next for a second TV.

A question was also asked on the Ziggo forum about replacing the Mediabox XL. Community Testing Specialist from Ziggo Shows It is possible for existing customers to replace their Mediabox XL with the Next Mini. This costs €19.95 in activation costs. It’s not entirely clear, but it seems that this is only possible for existing TV Start subscribers. In any case, it is not possible, for example, for Internet & TV Max subscribers to replace Mediabox Next with Next Mini.

According to Ziggo, the Mediabox Next Mini is comparable to the Mediabox Next in terms of TV experience, but apart from that, there are necessary differences. For example, the new set-top box does not have a coax connection and the device has dimensions of 80x80x19mm much smaller. Next Mini must be connected via WiFi or Internet cable. A wired Ethernet connection is made via the supplied power adapter. Next Mini supports voice control and apps like Netflix, Videoland and YouTube and has a single HDMI 2.0a connection.

According to Ziggo, the box consumes 2.9 watts in standby mode or 3.9 watts with HD streaming if users opt for a quick five-second start time. At a slower running time of 10 seconds, this is 0.9 and 3.9 watts, respectively. In the slowest economy mode, it takes 20 seconds to start up and consumes 0.5 Watts in standby mode and 3.9 Watts in HD broadcasting.

It’s been clear for some time that Ziggo has been busy introducing the Mediabox Next Mini. Less than a year ago it turned out that a small group was contacted Test the device And at the beginning of this year it turned out that the company was already This test started

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