Mexico Elections 2021: Morena or some of the scrap metal he sells sentencing vote | Mexican Elections 2021

A box inside a school in Mexico City.Henry Romero / Reuters

The fact that the map of Mexico City is cut in half and painted in two colors does not speak enough about the political character of the 8.8 million people who live here. Graphic newspapers and social media have flooded in after defining an epic after learning of Monday’s election results: Morena, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, President’s Party, The PRI-PAN-PRD alliance lost control of the Mexican capital, With candidates, to a large extent, comes from the formation of conservative national action. The discussion that attempts to explain such a story focuses on igniting social wounds such as classicism, conspiracy and revenge. It leaves behind the progressive essence of a city ruled by left-wing parties for 25 years.

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How did Morena decide to stop ruling half of her territory on June 6 – the pioneer city of Mexico – the city of the metropolis, EcoBC, the legal interruption of pregnancy and equal marriage? The Sunday It shows that there is no political party or movement that understands its citizens and that there is little to represent them. Morena, who won as a leftist, set aside the common sense that progressivism challenges capital and that creation is linked. Like all divisions, the progressive bourgeoisie with the president’s party continued until it reached a breaking point with a combination of small gestures.

Mexico City’s progressives do not want its main square to erect a wall tomorrow or police repression against women; Or government employees do not provide quick accounts in the maintenance of traffic, and their negligence could cost anyone their lives; One should not give up in the midst of decades of worse economic crisis during epidemics; During the months of the election campaign their misconduct is used as a tool for proselytizing, one brush at a time; Budgets for health, science and culture are not discounted. The capital of Mexico, which has seen something in 31 states in the first half of the 21st century, is a symbol of action towards the future. A cosmopolitan city that treats you wrongly when it attracts you, with a diversity that matches all ideas, a fascinating history, a jealous resilience and the ability and courage to transform itself without any politician having to take responsibility for its changes.

Interpretations of the political turn of the city of Mexico have begun at the National Palace. Labas Obrador, accustomed to polarizing discourse for profit, Said one of the simplest and wisest sentences: “You have to work more with people.” Morena – as traditional parties have done before – left the street and returned to create a story in black and white. You are with or without me. Gray is a sentence that does not fit and it is very difficult to negotiate and agree on. “We could not resist the votes of hatred and fear over our movement, especially those promoted in the middle and upper classes,” Morena’s general secretary, Chittagong Hernandez, justified. “We lost to Claudia Sheinbaum and Lopez Obrador,” said the Mexico City senator. His argument, in addition, excludes the responsibility of the officer as a public servant for citizens, regardless of their social stratification.

This sentencing referendum, Hernandez speaks, is not a gift to the opposition, and half of Mexico City residents are not conservatives. The Candidates from the PRI-PAN-PRD alliance They presented themselves as the only alternative to showing dissatisfaction, and it worked for them. Not because they have precise proposals or impeccable political record for the hours the capital lives, but because they compelled voters at the exact moment: the breakdown of progressivism with Morena. In addition, its objectives, until now, have not been consistent with the dominant interests of the city. The arrival of the opposition in Mexico City, more than 25 years ago, the bride and groom may resemble a marriage unknown to each other: incompatibilities have not yet been discovered.

The best symbol for recycling in Mexico City is old iron trucks with loud speakers that collect unused equipment and household items that are being converted into useful ones. It is hard to believe that rusty and primitive politics can be turned into a useful tool for its citizens. These parties can begin by avoiding Morena’s mistakes, by understanding that citizens are not a homogeneous mass that can only be divided by social class, and by listening to them and by understanding that the neighborhood system is a powerful tool for public service. A two-color map of Mexico City is not enough to illustrate the intricacies of the political life of this vibrant capital. Those who rule Mexico City for the next three years – from any political corner – can renew themselves like old ironworkers.

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