The International Criminal Court (ICC) has adjourned its announcement on the Maduro regime’s investigation into crimes against humanity

In the picture, Nicolas Maduro, the dictator of Venezuela. EFE / Miguel Cutters / Archive

The International Criminal Court (ICC) adjourned the hearing Crimes against humanity by the Maduro regime.

Benzuda, who concluded his duties as head of the ICC prosecutor’s office on Tuesday, said last week that he would announce whether or not to open a trial on Venezuela for crimes against humanity once the court has settled a request from the Caribbean. .

As for Venezuela, I promised to reach a final decision for the remainder of my term.. Perhaps in anticipation of that decision, as you have seen in the media, an ICC room received a file from the Venezuelan government asking the Chamber to exercise judicial restraint in conducting our initial selection. It was provided in secret, so I will not elaborate on it, although the truth of their presentation has been made public by the Venezuelan authorities, ”wrote Benzouda in his farewell letter.

The ICC Attorney’s Office’s preliminary investigation, which opened in Venezuela in February 2018, has been conducting protests and protests in prisons since at least April 2017.

In the letter, The ICC’s attorney general says he has reached the final conclusion of the trial and is ready to present it, But with the appeal filed by the Maduro regime, the ICC has decided to wait for the decision of the chamber before making any announcement.

“These practices and their results are currently classified as confidential We expect them to be made public soon. As time goes on, the only thing I can do at this point is deliver the completed document to the incoming attorney for their consideration and final decision, ”said Benzouda.

Fadu Benzouda, Attorney General of the International Criminal Court (ICC).  EFE / EPA / EVA PLEVIER / Archive
Fadu Benzouda, Attorney General of the International Criminal Court (ICC). EFE / EPA / EVA PLEVIER / Archive

Savista Attorney General Tarek William Chop said on Monday that he had submitted to the CBI a fourth report updating the “exemplary punishment” cases for human rights violations., In connection with the preliminary examination of the Caribbean country.

The lawyer added, “Performance information is constantly presented without knowing what it is In this case, the company is a recurring issue. “

Savista officials had already submitted a request for judicial control to ICC judges last month, in which they complained about treatment.Discriminatory“Y”Unequal“According to the prosecution, as obtained by other countries under preliminary examination.

In response to this request, the ICC Attorney General, Fatu Benzouda, He denied during an interview with the news agency EFE, Ignored the request and submitted a response to Venezuela, including examples and figures of its “commitment” since the election began.

“My office is not affiliated with Venezuela. I can definitely say that it is wrong”, The Hague urged the Attorney General.

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