The keys to defining the tight ballot between Keiko Fujimori and Point Pedro Castillo are coming to Peru with the election record of votes overseas.

(Credit: ONPE)

The Election records began arriving in the country this Tuesday with the votes of Peruvians abroad To proceed Tight study This means that Point Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori are separated by only a tenth of a percentage point.

The counting trend in the line of arrival has taken many directions. The first ballots were in favor of the right-wing candidate from the big urban centers, while the left-wing leader took advantage of the votes from the countryside. Now, Fujimori hopes to bridge the gap with the support of Peruvians abroad.

Some of these minutes come from countries with certain voting tables, which have already been calculated by the Electoral Commission because they entered from where they appeared. But still Most of the documents coming in diplomatic bags from countries like Spain and the United States were loaded this Tuesday.

Keiko Fujimori and Point Pedro Castillo
Keiko Fujimori and Point Pedro Castillo

Nearly one million Peruvians were authorized to vote outside the country, although the turnout was 35%, so more than 300,000 voters voted abroad on Sunday.

In the United States, for example, out of 64% of registered voters, Fujimori won with 78% of the vote, but the turnout was much lower than expected by the Fursa celebrity: only 28% of eligible adults voted.

Officials also confirmed an incident related to the North American vote. In an audio that went viral on the networks, one of the embassy officials expressed his desire to be in favor of Fujimori. For this reason, they transferred the person responsible for changing the documents to ensure impartiality.

With 95.7% of the total In the ballot papers, Point Pedro Castillo received 50.2% of the correct votes, more than 49.77% of his rivals. Nearly 80 thousand votes. But it counts nearly half of the votes cast abroad Fujimori will add about 50,000 more votes to his rival in this category.

Thus, The distance will be reduced to 30 thousand votes, A small portion of the rural vote is also pending.

Then, the definition More than 1,300 minutes (over 300,000 votes) in the National Electoral Arbitration Council review For various challenges. This is a “normal” number, considering that there were 1,270 competing minutes in the 2016 poll.

If no further observations or objections are made, this week will end with the registration of votes counted abroad.

Peruvians vote in Argentina (Reuters)
Peruvians vote in Argentina (Reuters)

No one can say for sure who is going to win in this placeFernando Dusta, a political scientist at the Pontifical Catholic University in Peru and former head of the ONPE, told RPP local radio. Mathematically, Castillo’s distinction can be traced.

Keiko Fujimori expressed his confidence in the vote from abroad on Monday: “By reconsidering these minutes we hope the vote will be equal.” But He condemned some of the abuses by the representatives of Peru Libre, Without evidence of widespread behavior, indicates potential fraud.

The Election Monitoring Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS), shortly before Fujimori’s complaint, endorsed ONPE’s work, saying “voting was conducted according to official procedures.”

The vote is far from ending the political turmoil of the past five years, which has led to Peru having four presidents from 2018, three of whom will be in five days in November 2020.

Partial map of the vote in Peru showed a country split in two. Castillo dominated the impoverished countryside of the Andes and much of the Amazon. For his part, Fujimori was the candidate of the business elite, dominating the capital, taking up almost a third of the population and other cities along the Pacific coast.

Cities hard hit by the Shining Bath terror during the Civil War of 1980 and 2000, nearly 70,000 killed, voted for Castillo. This was a bad outcome for Fujimori, who during the campaign accused the professor of having links with the criminal group, but did not present evidence.

Areas where international capital miners want to expand extraction plans also voted almost to the left. The teacher received 87% of the vote in the poorest district of the country, Uzbekistan, while Fujimori received 88% of the vote in the rich district of San Isitro.

The new president will take office on July 28 in a country with the highest mortality rate in the world, with more than 186,000 people dead out of a population of 33 million.

(With information from AP, EFE, AFP)

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