The United States plans to invest $ 66 billion in railways

The United States plans to invest $ 66 billion in railways

It was announced Thursday that the U.S. Senate will consider an ambitious national plan for infrastructure. Earlier, President Joe Biden and a group of senators from both political parties reached an agreement on the disclosure of the plan, which would include a $ 66 billion investment in railways.

Writes that Associated Press Based on a Republican report received by the news agency. $ 66.6 billion, converted to .6 55.6 billion, will be spent, among other things, to eliminate late maintenance on Carrier Amtrak. Investments should be made in the modernization of what is known as the Northeast Railroad. In addition, train safety should be increased.

Biden’s original plan allocated about $ 80 billion to the train, which experts immediately said would not be enough.

Under the revised plan, Rs 39 billion has been earmarked for public transport. This is also less than initially targeted. The money will be used to buy new metro trains.

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