Interpreters in court lay off work and demand better compensation: ‘Not much left’

Interpreters in court lay off work and demand better compensation: 'Not much left'

Interpreters are taking action: As of today, they no longer accept new orders from government agencies. As a result, some hearings with investigative judges or police interrogations will not take place, as is expected to arrange a registry of interpreters and translators.

This interest group of 535 members has been campaigning for better pay for some time. Demonstrations were held in Leeuwarden, Arnhem, Amsterdam and The Hague last week. “We are a very small profession to be able to make a fist. That’s why we are taking these new measures,” said Fedde Dijkstra, who is herself a translator, interpreter and chair of the matter. “Many colleagues participate, even people who are not part of our system.”

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Rates have not changed for years. A qualified translator gets a flat rate of €43.89 per hour. “It’s not enough,” Dijkstra said. “If the messenger checks out after five minutes, we as interpreters will only pay them for that time. Then there is not much left. I am left with more travel allowance than with the same interpreter. Situation – Traveling from Friesland to Limburg for interpretation.”

SP MP Michael Van Nispen introduced a motion last Thursday arguing in favor of indexation (inflation adjustment) rates. According to him, interpreters and translators perform work that is “crucial to our rule of law.” “There is a big crisis between interpreters and translators,” he said in the House of Representatives. The proposal will be voted on on October 26.

On Twitter, an interpreter shares the application:

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