First reviews for Marvel’s ‘Eternals: An Epic Story’, but is it worth it?

First reviews for Marvel's 'Eternals: An Epic Story', but is it worth it?

Note: This article contains files spoilers.

The first wave of reactions to the Marvel movie eternity Inside. The film introduces the newest team of superheroes from Marvel Studios in just two weeks.

They are the Eternal Beings, which are immortal beings who were sent to Earth by the Celestials to protect the planet from perverts. They have been living among us for thousands of years and only try to interfere with humanity when perverts are there.

first reactions
Last night witnessed the world premiere of eternity venue, and this immediately leads to a whole series of initial reactions from the critics present.

The film seems to have been received very positively, but the exact real feedback will of course take some time. They are often less enthusiastic than the reactions on Twitter.

However, first impressions seem to be very positive. It’s possible that a Marvel Studios movie will be able to strike enough balance between introducing characters and showing the standard action we know from the movie studio.

Here is a selection of the many responses:

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