New wages by age

New wages by age

It’s almost time: On July 1, 2023, the statutory minimum wage will rise again. With this increase in the minimum wage, Dutch people on benefits can also count on a higher amount. New account rules were announced today. Read here what that means for you.

After a historically high increase in the minimum wage in January 2023, the minimum wage will continue to rise from July 1. Not again with a huge 10 percent increase, but this time with an increase of 3.13 percent.

Minimum wage through July 1, 2023

If you have a minimum income, the amount deposited into your bank account will be higher on July 1, 2023 than it is now. The minimum gross monthly salary for employees from the age of 21 will be just under 2,000 euros. After the increase, the exact amount will be 1,995 euros per month. Weekly this amount is about 460€ and per day you earn 92.08€. Are you under 21 years old? Then you still have to deal with the minimum youth wage in the Netherlands. Curious what you earn for each age? You can read that in the table below. Important details: The amounts in the table below do not include vacation allowance.

Minimum wage (youth) Per month weekly Per day
From 21 years old 1,995.00 euros 460.40 euros 92.08 euros
20 years 1,596.00 euros 368.30 euros 73.66 euros
19 years 1197.00 euros 276.25 euros 55.25 euros
18 years 997.50 euros 230.20 euros 46.04 euros
17 years 788.05 euros 181.85 euros 36.37 euros
16 years 688.30 euros 158.85 euros 31.77 euros
15 years 598.50 euros 138.10 euros 27.62 euros

More changes with the new account rules

That’s not all that changes with the new account rules. Employers with employees who earn close to the minimum income can count on the allowance. This allowance is also referred to as the Low Income Benefit (fiber) name of the thing. Starting July 1, 2023, the income limits for Youth LIV will also change. From July 1, these limits will be revised, based on average minimum wages in 2023 – including changes in minimum income from January and July.

The higher the minimum wage, the greater the threshold for employers’ eligibility for the allowance. This can take up to hundreds of euros per year per employee.

Low income benefits limits minimum the highest rate
20 years 9.79 euros 12.04 euros
19 years 7.34 euros 10.89 euros
18 years 6.12 euros 8.17 euros

High benefits

The allowance will also increase for Dutch people who have an allowance due to disability, for example. This amount depends on the net minimum wage the employees are paid. Single people from the age of 21 who receive benefits can count on 70 percent of the net minimum wage. Are you married? Then you are entitled to 100 percent of the gross minimum wage. Do you want to know more about the level of social assistance in the Netherlands? You can read more about it in the article below.

You get this in the form of social assistance, which the Dutch need less and less

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