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Intel reveals that Bonanza Mine-asic can achieve a hash rate of 40TH/sec. The cryptocurrency miner is powered by BMZ1 chips, but the company is already selling asics with an undisclosed second-generation mining chip.

The first generation Bonanza Mine-asic consisted of 300 BMZ1 mining chips, distributed over 4 Tickslike him Tom’s Hardware reports Following Intel’s presentation at ISSCC 2022. Each chip is 14.16 mm² in size. Intel uses such a small size because this is bigger fruit in production and higher who – which –Density on the actual chip. BMZ1 chips are baked at 7 nm, although it is not clear who the actual product is.

The 3600 Watt Bonanza Mine-asic can achieve a computing power of 40 Terahashes per second. According to Tom’s Hardware, this is below par when compared to notable competitors; The Bitmain Antmienr S19j Pro has a hash rate of 104TH/s at a power of 3068W. The S19j XP, the latest model from the manufacturer, achieves 140 THPS at 3,010 watts.

left intel in Initial detection They already know that they want to make an energy-saving ASIC. Multiple profiles are available to customize the power consumption and associated hash rate. Meanwhile, new versions of the Bonanza Mine are already equipped with BMZ2 chips. It is not known if the developed BMZ1 chips have fundamentally different specifications. At the moment, Intel only sells mining assets to partners, including Argo Blockchain, Jack Dorseys BLOCK, and GRIID Infrastructure.

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