January 27, 2023

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The rapper bought all the Russian Starbucks branches

The rapper bought all the Russian Starbucks branches


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Russian rapper Timati has acquired nearly 200 Starbucks branches in Russia with a catering entrepreneur. The artist announced the acquisition of Instagram, which is banned in Russia due to “extremism”. There was some time negotiation about the acquisition.

The American coffee chain closed all of its branches in March in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Countless Western companies have done the same. The company promised to pay the employees’ salaries for another six months. In May, Starbucks decided to leave Russia for good.

Timati says he doesn’t want to change much about the concept. Still looking for a suitable new name. The rapper’s followers are asked to design a new logo, replacing the well-known logo of a green mermaid with two tails.

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The rapper is known as a loyal supporter of President Putin. In the 2012 and 2018 presidential elections, he appeared in election videos. He also sang at the president’s meetings.

In addition to his music, he earns his money from a clothing line, tattoo shop, and burger restaurant. His business partner is Anton Pinsky, who runs dozens of restaurants in Russia.

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Putin and Timati after the 2012 presidential election won by Putin

The acquisition of the Russian Starbucks branch is not an isolated incident. Western companies that withdrew from Russia are being taken over one by one by Russian businessmen. today Sold German hardware store chain Obi stocking up in Russia for a token amount of one euro.

McDonald’s restaurants have also been taken over. The doors to the first converted site opened last month:

McDonald’s transformation opens its doors in Moscow