North Korea ready for conflict with US: Kim Jong-un | Abroad

North Korea ready for conflict with US: Kim Jong-un |  Abroad

In a speech on Thursday, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said he was ready for military conflict with the United States. If it comes to that, Kim will not hesitate to “prevent his nuclear war,” North Korean state media reported.

North Korean leader Yoon Suk-yeol criticized the South Korean government in his speech. “Any attempt to destabilize North Korea will be met with strong retaliation and ‘destruction,'” Kim warned.

Kim’s threatening language came after his country conducted several missile tests in recent months. North Korea claims to be capable of firing nuclear warheads with recently tested hypersonic missiles. The country conducted a nuclear test in 2017.

South Korean Foreign Minister Chung Eui-yong said last month that North Korea would have completed preparations for such a nuclear test. It would be a matter of waiting for a “political decision” to actually conduct testing, Chung said.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has pledged to work closely with his South Korean and Japanese counterparts to “denuclearise the Korean Peninsula”.

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