While the West condemns the recognition of the People’s Republic, US sanctions are still low

While the West condemns the recognition of the People's Republic, US sanctions are still low

The European Union (EU) plans to impose sanctions on Russia in recognition of the “People’s Republics” of Donetsk and Lukansk in eastern Ukraine. This is what the leaders of the European Commission and the Council of Europe say In a joint statement

The report did not specify what those restrictions were. The recognition was given by Russian President Vladimir Putin Announced Monday evening In a long speech, he often mentions the past to justify his decision.

According to Prime Minister Root, this is a “limited set of sanctions”, he said in a speech. GinekAction has been taken against the Russians involved in the recognition process and against the rulers in Donetsk and Lukansk. Rutte called the sanctions a “warning” to Putin of a genuine invasion of Ukraine. Then the “massive set of obstacles” is ready.

In a statement, the United States White House Also impose restrictions. It is illegal for Americans to do any business with Donetsk and Lukansk. Other unspecified steps will also be followed. The White House says this is a different set of sanctions and measures that the United States will take if Russia invades Ukraine.

Hoekstra condemns the Russian act

Russian recognition caused bad bloodshed among other Western leaders. French President Macron to convene UN Security Council meeting German Chancellor Scholes called the move a violation of the Minsk agreements of 2014 and 2015, which agreed to a ceasefire between Ukraine and separatists.

According to NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg, Russia is trying to come up with an excuse to invade Ukraine.

Says Dutch Foreign Minister Vopke Hogstra On Twitter We condemn the Russian act. He was not talking about obstacles. He says the Dutch response will be coordinated with NATO and the European Union. Western leaders are all talking about “violation of international law.”

Pitana calls

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called Russia’s action “bad news”: “It is clear that as much pressure as possible should be put on it, as it is difficult to see how this situation will improve.” The UK is also imposing sanctions. What they are will be announced tomorrow.

Both Poland and Latvia, like Ukraine, feel threatened by Russia. Both countries want an immediate embargo against Russia. Latvia also decided to supply anti-tank weapons to Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Zhelensky has not yet responded significantly to Russia’s recognition of Donetsk and Lukansk. He claims to have spoken on the phone with US President Biden. Zhelensky said on Twitter that a meeting with Boris Johnson was later scheduled.

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