John Williams faced ‘absolutely strange house’ at HMMIK: ‘I don’t know what I see’

John Williams faced 'absolutely strange house' at HMMIK: 'I don't know what I see'

Mieke and Gert-Jan’s home is an unforgettable home. There is a wonderful surprise around every corner. For example, a huge wardrobe is located across the living room and a sink in the bedroom occupies half of the room. In addition, it also appears that it is fully equipped. Both have a jacuzzi, sauna and swimming pool. John can’t believe his eyes when he tours the house for the first time: “I don’t know what I see!” He shouts in disbelief.

He soon discovered that the house could also use a good cleaning. It looks like Mickey has completely abandoned the house. “I wouldn’t wipe the windows if the roof was halfway,” she explains. When John tried to gently tell her that the house was really very dirty, she immediately put her hand on her lap. “You could say I’m a pervert.” John explains to her that it goes much further than that. “It’s not healthy to live like this either. It’s sticky everywhere and I smell cat pee. It’s a crazy house. The weirdest house I’ve ever seen.”

It soon becomes clear that Geert Jan also suffers from the fact that his wife’s health has deteriorated significantly. “She has had health issues for ten years. Her gut is very bad and she has diabetes,” he said. When John asks him what he’s afraid of, it becomes too much for him. “I end up on my own. Every now and then I go down and see if she’s still alive.”

It is clear to John that the two of them can use his help. So his DIY team starts the home business in good spirits and helps Gert-Jan wherever he can. Since there is still a lot to do, the team focuses on one part of the house, which is the front room, which should actually be a living room. Since it is also important to Mieke’s health that the house is well cleaned, John also called the cleaning team. This ensures that the house is completely fresh and fruity at the end of the week. And not only that: and above all, the new living room will also be furnished from head to toe with new furniture. Mieke and Gert-Jan can’t believe their eyes when they see their new home.

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