‘Di Pop banned after being threatened in hospital’

'Di Pop banned after being threatened in hospital'

Police arrested Doi Pop last Thursday. This happened after he had a collision with a speed camera delivery operator in Amsterdam. His reaction was so aggressive, he even started pushing. However, this was not the first time that the singer acted like this. Doi Pop had received a call ban a few years ago after being threatened in the hospital According to a comment below a video on Dumpert.

Doe-Bob is an aggressive person. Years ago, he was kicked out of the hospital because he couldn’t keep his hands to himself. He was even denied entry for a year. And you just don’t get it. I was there and wrote this ban,” someone on Dumpert wrote at the bottom of the video about arguing with the person doing the express delivery.

Imposed fine

In 2019, the singer was fined 1,500 euros by a police judge for threatening two security guards at OLVG Hospital in East Amsterdam. It was said that his girlfriend got well and that the singer-songwriter had drunk a lot. The security guards forced him out and closed the door so he couldn’t come back. The singer expressed her remorse, because a day after the accident, Doi Pop reported to the hospital with a bouquet of flowers. “I’m ashamed,” he said at the time.

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