How actress Halle Bailey got red hair for €140,000 for The Little Mermaid without wigs | Displays

How actress Halle Bailey got red hair for €140,000 for The Little Mermaid without wigs |  Displays

The creators of the successful film the little Mermaid I spent almost a ton and a half to make mermaid Ariel’s hair as beautiful as possible. Actress Halle Bailey, 23, can be seen in the movie without wigs and her hair has not been cut short. How were the red locks created?

Bailey’s haircut is the work of hairdresser Camille Friend, who visited the actress’s family for the first time. “I began to understand who she was and why it was important to keep her hair,” she says. diverse.

After all, the role of Belle is a milestone: she’s the first black actress to play Ariel and the first black princess in a Disney live-action movie. Bailey plays the most famous redhead in the entertainment giant’s stable, but she also wanted to be true to her own background.

“It was very important to me that my natural hair be in this movie,” she said earlier. “I’ve had braids since I was five, so they’re a big part of who I am.” Disney and director Rob Marshall agreed, and now she’s the first Disney princess with braids. “We have to be able to see ourselves,” she says of women who look like her. “We need to be able to see our hair on the big screens so we know it’s beautiful and more than acceptable.”

hours in the chair

So Friend, the hairdresser, decided not to use wigs and not to cut her hair. Haley’s hair falls down to her waist, and she is over two feet tall. Then put a wig on her, it looks weird. This “wrapping” took several hours, the hair artist says, and Haley was a “warrior.”

This image released by Disney shows Halle Bailey as Ariel in The Little Mermaid. (Disney via AP) ©AP

“We didn’t have to cut her braids or color them. We were able to change her hair color without changing the internal structure of her hair. That structure and her hair are hers.” By the way, Bailey’s hair roots were dyed. The ‘extra’ red hair was specially colored for the film and was over 76 cm long “We probably spent at least €140,000,” says the stylist, partly because the hair sometimes had to be completely removed and repositioned.

The water then presented another challenge: Ariel’s hair had to “dance” in the water, but according to a friend, dreadlocks don’t float and that was tricky. By adding loose pieces of hair, she was still able to achieve this effect.

Halle Bailey at the Australian premiere of The Little Mermaid in Sydney.
Halle Bailey at the Australian premiere of The Little Mermaid in Sydney. © Getty Images

“bombed” from bad reviews

the little Mermaidin Dutch the little Mermaid, is a live-action remake of the popular 1989 animated film. The remake was an instant hit in the American cinema in recent days. The film received mixed reviews, including ⭐⭐⭐ on this site.

Images of overjoyed black girls who finally recognized themselves as a Disney princess have gone viral recently, but there’s also an outcry. Against copying the classic movie itself, or because of Bailey’s choice.

Many public review sites warn users against bias, as they have been inundated with large numbers of negative reviews that there may be manipulation. news site Delivery time Speaking of “Review-Bombing“.

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