Was the Nothing Phone (1) recovered after months?

Was the Nothing Phone (1) recovered after months?

The Nothing Phone (1) came out with a lot of hype, but not everyone welcomed it at launch. Has nothing managed to turn the tide in the past 10 months? You can read about it in this review update.

Read on after the announcement.

Update review: Nothing phone (1) 10 months later

Nothing Phone (1) is probably the most cheery The smartphone of 2022. Not because of a revolutionary chip or an ultra-wide camera array, but because of the illuminated LED strips on the back of the device. Something many reviewers weren’t enough to afford the suggested retail price of €469.

Is a smartphone now – almost a year later – really worth it? We used phone (1) this year in the name of daily driver And we pass judgment on it. You can read it in this review update on Android Planet

Housing hits add little practicality

“Wow, what is that?” , “Is this your case or your phone?” and “Is this an iPhone?” are, I think, the three statements I’ve heard the most about the phone (1) in the past year. The design was and still is very eye-catching, especially in the original white colour. However, nothing takes any risks other than a light mount and they made a smartphone very similar to a smartphone Apple iPhone 12 It seems.

This means that it has flat sides and a flat screen. This feels good in hand. The smartphone doesn’t feel super premium due to the transparent back, but it has a nice weight. The light installation of the smartphone does not add much. There were also a few jobs for the so-called graphicSystem added.

If you put the smartphone on its stomach, the Glyph system will be activated. The LEDs will then flash when you receive a message. If you put the smartphone on the charger, the LED indicator will show how much charge. If you take a photo, you can use LEDs instead of flashes to get a brighter but less bright exposure. Unfortunately, all these things do not add functionality, but rather expand it.

The best devices for ordinary users

Nothing Phone (1) is equipped with the Snapdragon 778G Plus chipset with 5G. This processor, along with the 90Hz screen, provides a smooth user experience. Apps load smoothly, stuttering is rare, and even 3D games can run just fine. If you are not a heavy user, a smartphone is definitely more than enough.

The screen on Nothing Phone (1) is a 6.55-inch OLED screen. As mentioned, it has a higher refresh rate and colors also look bright and well-balanced. What we notice is that the OLED panel displays purple lines at low brightness. This problem is more common with OLED screens and is not a problem Deal cancelled.

8/12 GB RAM and 256 GB ROM on board are more than enough to get you through the years to come. On top of that, the fingerprint scanner under the screen is nice and smooth, especially after some software updates. The speakers are also good and loud.

The 4,500mAh battery was enough for us to get through the day on a daily basis. Around evening time, about 15 percent often left me. Charges at a maximum of 33 watts. In practice, the smartphone is completely full again in an hour and a half. Wireless (reverse) charging is also possible, but this is a bit slower.

Repeat program over and over again

Just like the physical appearance of the smartphone, the software is also designed in retro style. You can see this in the clock, widgets, and even the weather app with a dot line. Of course it is different for everyone how beautiful you are like this. We got used to it quickly.

Moreover, Nothing Phone (1) is currently running on Android 13. The smartphone came with Android 12 and this software is not fully optimized yet. Nothing makes a smartphone feel faster through various software updates and you hardly ever get errors anymore.

This makes the Android experience (except for fonts) very neutral and clear. As a result, the smartphone is easy to use, there are no built-in extraneous functions and it is virtually non-existent Pre-installed applications (Pre-installed apps) are present.

Cameras are nothing special

The phone (1) is equipped with two cameras on the back. This is a main camera and a wide-angle lens of 50 megapixels. Cameras use both Pixel grouping For optimal exposure and sharpness. What surprised us most was the amount of bokeh the main camera creates on its own. This means that the background is blurred more than the foreground. This will soon look nice

Auto focus and stabilization also got a lot better after software updates. Previously, the smartphone struggled to take sharp and smooth photos. The cameras really do better now. Unfortunately, the images are generally not very sharp. For example, the edges and lines are not narrow but a bit fuzzy. This is most noticeable when taking pictures in the dark.

However, the post-processing that Nothing Phone (1) automatically adds to photos is fine. Exposure is quickly compensated, resulting in evenly exposed photos. Shooting a video is also not a problem. Pictures are smooth and sharp, without much blur.

Better in the middle segment because of lower prices

What we weren’t at all happy about in our original Nothing Phone review (1) was the price. That was 469 euros, while on paper the specifications of the phone (1) correspond more with smartphones under 400 euros. So I paid a lot to install the lighting.

Now – ten months later – the price has already dropped significantly. You can find Nothing Phone (1) for €379, which brings it closer to the competition. In our opinion, this makes the smartphone more attractive.

Conclusion None Phone (1) Update Review

The Nothing Phone (1) is an amazing smartphone with odd functionality. Glyph’s interface adds almost nothing to a smartphone, but it’s great if you like a unique device with a tough design. However, we don’t recommend Nothing Phone (1) for its lights alone.

We recommend the smartphone precisely because of the excellent chip, decent cameras, large battery, and clear, smooth screen. Nothing Phone (1) delivers a user experience with some ailments, especially now that the software has been updated. Add to that the fact that the phone is finally on sale at a reasonable price and you have a great device for everyday tasks.

Buy none phone (1).

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None Phone (1) Compare prices


  • Bright OLED display with 90Hz

  • All-day battery

  • The Android shell is neutral

  • Tricky design


  • The glyph system adds a few

  • The download is not super fast

  • The cameras aren’t the best

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