Yolanth is open to love again: ‘Little bald men have a chance, too’ | to watch

Yolanth is open to love again: 'Little bald men have a chance, too' |  to watch

Yolanthe has been very open about her private life with Frank Daine this morning. At some point, the conversation comes up with the private messages that the 36-year-old actress receives on Instagram. “You must be a real mess in your DMs,” says one of Dane’s friends. Yolanthe shows that potential new love partners would be better off looking for connection in this way. I have to say I don’t go through all of my direct messages. It’s really a lot and there are some crazy messages between them.”

Then owner Gilmer Gusinclaw said with a wink to her ex-husband Wesley Schneider that all little bald men also think they stand a chance. She reacts rationally to that. ,,Yes, this is correct. why not? It would be crazy if I said now that it’s not.”

When asked by Dane if she’s ready for a new love in her life, Yolanthe replies, “I’m ready for life, so…” bring it. “

Yolanthe had a relationship with Wesley Schneider in 2009 and married a year later in Castelnuovo Berardenga, Italy, near Florence. She lived in recent years in countries where Schneider played football; Successively Italy, Turkey, France and Qatar. In 2015, the couple gave birth to a son Xess Xava. In March 2019 it became clear that the two Break up, break upemployment.

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