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There may be a new large data center in the industrial district of Westpoort near Groningen, according to plans by the municipality of Groningen. It is currently unknown which company wants to build this data center.

Data center building plans.
Photo: Groningen municipality

from pdf document From the municipality of Groningen, it appears that the potential data center will occupy twenty hectares in the Westpoort industrial area. The municipality is said to have been contacted last year with plans for a data center. A potential data center construction has not yet been determined; Groningen City Council must first pass a judgment on this.

The municipality says it expects 125 permanent jobs to participate in the data center. Due to the maximum building height, the initiator will likely use air cooling for the data center. If the plans are implemented, the municipality expects that the remaining heat can be used to heat 5,000 to 10,000 homes, according to the joint document.

It is not known which company is planning to build a new data center in Groningen. Responsible alderman wants Berndt Benjamins from D66 vs RTV Noord Do not confirm who the parties involved are. There is already a data center for North Si In Westpoort and that company is also planning to expand, but according to RTV Noord, they’re not doing so with twenty hectares.

Another local council member, Roeland van der Schaaf of PvdA, has informed the regional broker that he will enter into discussions with local residents, although he maintains that the data center should end up in an industrial area. At the same time, he acknowledges that the 20-hectare property has an impact on the environment. It is unknown when the data center will be operational, if plans are approved.

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