March 22, 2023

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Hoekstra: CDA will make it sound louder in the new cabinet

Hoekstra: CDA will make it sound louder in the new cabinet

The Community Development Authority in the next ministry will adopt a different site from the current ministry. Party leader Hoekstra said in his closing speech at the party conference. “We are formulating more aggressively our position and why we are there. We make concessions based on our CDA ideals. Our voice will be clear and recognizable.”

Hoekstra, who is negotiating on behalf of the CDA, said he did not know when there would be a coalition agreement. “But I hope and expect to be there soon.” The four negotiating parties have reached the final stage and will speak on Monday morning in addition to.

Hoekstra also did not want to say anything about the content of the upcoming agreement. “I would like to tell you that I am very proud of that. The agreement lays a solid foundation for the future of our country. (…) But unfortunately I can’t say anything about it yet.”

dance teacher

In addition to formation, Hoekstra discussed the Corona crisis and the resulting polarization, also in politics. The CDA leader denounced “policies in which a dance teacher’s opinion gets as much attention as comprehensive scientific research,” referring to Virus Truth working group leader, Willem Engel.

According to Hoekstra, there are politicians who “use growing anarchy as a model for political income”. He described them as “political hooligans” who manipulate the lives of others. “It’s up to us to draw perspective and build bridges.”

Decisions and the president

Earlier in the online conference, a striking set of proposals to put the CDA Chamber faction on a particular path did not work. It comes to decisions against the passage of Corona at work, against the 2G policy and the increase in the minimum wage. Hoekstra said up front on all proposals that members should be patient and trust the group.

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Furthermore, Hans Huibers was chosen as the new party leader. In the early 1990s, Huibers was a member of the House of Representatives, was also a member of the National Assembly for a time and was the chair of the CDJA youth movement. Huebers replaces interim president Marnix van Rijk.