US, UK and Australia security pact marginalizes Europe in Asia

Europe is no longer America's priority

2018: French President Macron (captain’s right) poses with then-Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (center left) and his cabinet members aboard the Sydney submarine HMAS Waller.Picture cartridge

China reacted strongly to the deal, but its name was not mentioned anywhere in the text. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman called the Anglo-Saxon partners “outdated Cold War mentality.”

This agreement hurts the EU, which has not yet been calculated on geopolitical grounds. On Thursday, EU Foreign Secretary Joseph Borel announced the European strategy for the Indo-Pacific region. The event was completely covered up by news about AUKUS. “I do not know, we are not involved,” Borel admitted at the press conference. “I do not think such an agreement was passed yesterday.”

When asked if the EU could still trust the Americans even after they had not discussed leaving Afghanistan, Borrell replied: ‘Do not dramatize things. Relations with the United States have improved greatly under the new president. ‘ According to Borel, above all, AUKUS proves that the EU must finally work on its ‘strategic autonomy’.


AUKUS was a great pain to France, the only EU country with a large military presence and strong presence in the Indo-Pacific region overseas in Polynesia. Not only was France expelled from AUKUS, but Australia also canceled an order for twelve French submarines. The value of the order is 35 billion euros, of which 8 billion will go to France. The rest, for weapons and equipment, will be spent mostly in the United States.

French submarines are powered by diesel and electricity. However, the United States is willing to share nuclear technology with Australia to operate submarines, as it has previously done only with Britain. Nuclear-powered submarines are fast and quiet, submerged for long periods of time and very difficult to detect. Australian submarines are not equipped with nuclear weapons.

In June, French President Emmanuel Macron spoke with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison about French submarines. Its importance was underlined in a joint statement by the French and Australian foreign and defense ministers two weeks ago.

Anger and bitterness

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian was completely surprised by the news about AUKUS. “I’m angry and bitter,” he said on French radio. “This horrific, one-sided and unpredictable decision reminds me of what Mr. Trump did,” Le Trian said.

Countries like Japan and Taiwan are positive about AUKUS. The deal is seen as a reassurance to Taiwan after it showed in Afghanistan that the United States has the potential to leave a country quickly and without consultation. AUKUS is a victory for the United Kingdom Worldwide UK It chose after Brexit: less focused on Europe, more focused on Asia and other parts of the world.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was also delighted. Australia is concerned about China’s progress and is gaining weight in the region as it has nuclear submarines. He said he could imagine France’s disappointment, but Australia could not reject the US proposal for nuclear submarines. The only stigma attached to the deal is that President Biden does not remember the name of Prime Minister Morrison. He spoke at a press conference.That colleague is down ‘: That guy down.

You can go to Kabul. You are safe there ‘
The British Coast Guard has been training personnel to push migrant boats back to the French coast, although they want to prevent the formation of a new ‘forest’ with continuous evacuations by the French police in and around Calais. This does not change the option to cross the channel – Travel only becomes more and more dangerous.

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