Popcorn for breakfast: to the movies at 6 am

Popcorn for breakfast: to the movies at 6 am

Exercising early in the morning has been pretty normal since the evening shutdown was introduced. But this morning you can also go to the cinema early in the morning. In cities like Rotterdam and Harlem, the first trainees were at 06:00.

“I really wanted to go to the matrix‘, says movie fan Ricardo Govers in NH News. “Being able to go to the movies so early is something I love to experience. I’m really a morning person.

Around the same time as the Govers, Rosalinde Huitenbos and her son Floris Brolsma entered the cinema in Harlem. With two bananas in his jacket pocket, their tickets were scanned. “We brought breakfast,” Flores says. “You should eat something.”

The guards forgot to bring breakfast. “Fortunately, I can buy a bowl of popcorn. That’s also part of the movie.”

Ten percent of the daily turnover

Director Ron van der Meer of Pathé at said the first visitors this morning were mainly middle-aged couples and movie buffs. estuary of the Rhine. He could not give exact numbers of visitors for all the branches that were open, but at the Pathé branch in Rotterdam Schouwburgplein there were about fifty.

“Those 50 visitors this morning could easily make up 10 per cent of daily turnover in Corona times,” van der Meer said. According to him, this is only a small part of the solution to the forced shutdown in the evening. “Under normal circumstances, 70 percent of visitors go to the cinema in the evening,” he says. He added, “This is not possible now because cinemas must close at five in the evening due to Corona.”

new spider man movie

“The doors opened early this morning for once,” says Laura Kramen of the cinema in Harlem. “But we plan to open much earlier than usual on other days. The idea is to open the doors at 7:30 a.m. for a few days next week, so visitors can come in and watch the new Spider-Man movie.”

The Dutch Association of Cinemas and Cinemas has called on the outgoing cabinet of the week to scrap the forced shutdown at 5pm over the Christmas holidays. The cinemas say they have been able to survive financially through “several operational adjustments and efficiency gains”.

“We were able to largely absorb the negative impact on visitor numbers of QR code scanning and the additional costs ourselves,” the association says on the website. website. “But we, and our visitors, are no longer able to keep up with the latest stack of proceedings.”

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