March 25, 2023

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Arjen Lubach responds with a wink to criticism of Baudet's film -

Arjen Lubach responds with a wink to criticism of Baudet’s film –

Arjen Lubach cleverly responded to a video from the Democracy Forum in which leader Thierry Baudet mocks an element of the NPO 1 De Avondshow with Arjen Lubach. In a tweet, the maker of the software points to its website for a response.

In the video in question, Baudet calls out the software’s maker, Arjan, instead of Arjen. “You can read my reaction to the video below at,” Lubach wrote on Saturday night. Anyone who then opens the site will see the text “IT IS ARJEN!!!” in cow letters in the upper left corner. to see.

In the video, the politician talks about “the stupid Arjen Lubach with his stupid program” in which he states, among other things, that new FVD board members must take compulsory courses. Baudet would also be one of the board members who were going to establish and make money from the BV Democracy Forum.

Earlier on Saturday it was announced that the NPO Ombudsman had received some complaints about the item which was shown on Wednesday at De Avondshow with Arjen Lubach. According to the complainants, the item would contain misleading information and the program would not hear the other side.

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