Film preparation stage for the Yankees, Mets? Billy Ebbler predicts

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When Yankees They were in the process of starting a promotion in the summer of 2019, General Manager Brian CashmanTheir wish list included two right-handers the ball club across town was shopping for.

The mets They’ve never received an offer from anyone tempting them to part with Noah Sendergaard or Zach Wheeler, and that’s not to say the Yankees got a realistic shot at either unless Cashman offers something dumb like Aaron Judge, DJ Limaheu, Zach Brittany, and maybe two or three of his team. The best odds are straight for one of them.

While the official position of the Yankees and Mets has always been that they are willing to make any deal with whichever team makes them better, both clubs have always feared losing the New York/New York deal.

In the Mets’ first 60 seasons, there were only 15 deals between the Yankees-Mets, and their next movie will be their first. The closest was a 1-on-1 in December 2001, where two former All-Stars players who had crossed their pinnacle of desire replaced quarterback David Justice to the Mets for third baseman Robin Ventura. A week later, the Mets turned justice to athletics.

Cashman’s only made three more deals with the Mets in his 24 seasons as GM, most recently in April 2018 when two unlikely minor league players, LJ Mazzili, were transferred to the Yanks for Kendall Coleman.

There will be more GM Yankees/Mets talks now that Cashman’s friend and former replacement is building the Mets’ slates. Billy EblerC., associate general manager of Cashman from 2012 to 2015, was named Thursday as the new general manager of the Mets.

Ebler was asked during his Zoom press conference if he thought the Yankees/Mets were dealing with more than usual.

NJ Advance Media’s question sparked laughter.

“It’s interesting that you bring this up, because over the years we haven’t made any deals even when I’ve been with the Angels. That’s because we probably have some similar methodologies for evaluating players, which wouldn’t be shocking. So I really don’t expect to make a lot of transactions,” Ebler said. “.

Cashman and Epler plan to continue talking and texting frequently.

“We have a regular conversation,” Ebler said. “We don’t go a week without talking to each other.”

Hired by Cashman as a Yankees Scout in 2006, Eppler was promoted to Professional Scout Manager in 2006 and then promoted to Assistant GM in 2012. Spending four seasons as Cashman’s right-hand man led to Eppler getting his first GM job in 2015 with Angels.

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“In terms of Brian’s impact on me, it’s been tremendous,” Ebler said.

Ebler hasn’t built a winner in Anaheim. After five seasons and no playoffs with Mike Trout in his prime, he was fired after the 2020 season.

Cashman is thrilled that Ebler gets another chance to sit on the GM chair.

“It’s really good in my opinion,” Cashman said Thursday night after hearing the news of Epler’s appointment. “I got a chance to work with him for a while. A lot of people look at general managers as figureheads, and I’ve been a figurehead here for a while, but I’ve been able to stay in power because it’s really baseball operations. These are the people that surround them, and I’ve been lucky Because I’ve been surrounded by Billy Ebler for so long.

“He’s impacted us really big and in a real positive way. He’s a great baseball guy and I think the Mets have secured a really fine talent. He’ll serve them well and I’m sure he’ll hire well.”

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