Election Day 2022: The NBA does not schedule matches on Tuesday after all 30 teams play Monday night

Election Day 2022: The NBA does not schedule matches on Tuesday after all 30 teams play Monday night

Take a look at the NBA schedule, and you’ll notice a little bit of weirdness this week. After a full schedule of 15 games on Monday, there are no games on Tuesday, November 8. This is no accident. The league has made an intentional decision not to hold matches Election DayInstead, encourage fans to vote.

Instead of holding games on Tuesday night, the National Basketball Association has a list of content focused on the importance of voting, like this video of LeBron James talking about the importance of educating the issues to make a change:

The NBA and NBPA also held a virtual roundtable to discuss the importance of voting with National Basketball Social Justice Alliance Executive Director James Cadogan, I Am A Voter co-founder and Natalie Tran and Sacramento Kings striker Harrison Barnes.

The NBA official website It also includes information on finding a polling place in your area, a link to find the issues to vote on as well as a Q&A between NBPA President and New Orleans Pelicans guard CJ McCollum and Cadogan.

A by-product of not having any Election Day games was a slate loaded on Monday, November 7, to make up for Tuesday’s loss. All 30 NBA teams played on Monday, and the schedule was somewhat unconventional with a new game appearing every 15 minutes. From 7 PM ET to 10:30 PM ET.

It was an eventful evening, with many nail biting games throughout the night, including one Game-winning, bell beater from Josh Hart To raise the Portland Trail Blazers over the Miami Heat. There was also Stephen Curry blast 47 points To carry warriors to victory over kings, a miraculous return by clippers Led by Paul George to beat the Cavaliers streak.

One theoretical motivation behind the league’s decision to arrange start dates on Monday may be for the relatively new “CrunchTime” show, which moves from game to game to highlight the closest nightly encounters. By starting spectacularly in this way, the league ensures that there will almost always be an end to the game, and if those games are close, CrunchTime can highlight it. It’s similar in structure to the NFL’s “RedZone”, but without the basketball concept that ties directly into the NFL’s red zone, the NBA alternative relies on sensational finishes. It certainly delivered Monday night with five games set at three points or less, and five additional games set at 10 points or less.

After taking the day off Election Day, the NBA will return to its normal schedule on Wednesday, November 9, with 13 games scheduled to be played.

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