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Google has redesigned the desktop Play Store for the first time since 2013. The site is very similar to mobile apps and has added some filters to help find apps for specific devices more easily.

The new design also no longer has the “Hardware” section of the old design. Aside from the link, that wasn’t actually part of the Play Store; The link sends users in the old store design to the Google Store. With this change, the focus is on the remaining categories: games, apps, movies, and books. It is remarkable that the games in the new design are no longer a sub-part of the applications and that it comes in the arrangement of buttons for the applications.

New filters make it possible to search for apps for phones, tablets, TVs, Chromebooks, smartwatches, and cars. In the old design, only those apps could be found using search terms. The extension makes sense, since using a desktop site more or less means not using a device to install apps on, so it’s all about other platforms.

It was the new design Found by Android Police, which comes with screenshots. The modified Google Store is not yet available in the Netherlands or Belgium. Android Police reports that South Korea and Taiwan are seeing the new version, but navigating to relevant URLs from the Netherlands doesn’t yield anything new.

Photos via Android Police

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