A student targeted in Antwerp after a fight over a girl: ‘She was photographed naked, beaten and stabbed’ outside

A student targeted in Antwerp after a fight over a girl: 'She was photographed naked, beaten and stabbed' outside

“Gay, I forgive you, but I chose weakness over humiliation! With a heavy heart I let you read the following.” This is how K. started his Instagram post which went viral in a short time.

On Sunday, October 31, K went to an event. He met a girl there and passers-by photographed her and posted it on social media. Girl C’s ex-boyfriend also saw the photos and decided to reach out to K.. “He wanted to meet with me to talk about it. I committed to that, after which we set the date and venue,” says K.

On schedule, on the evening of Friday 12 November, K departed for Berkem Station. “I have seen G. many times before. We had occasional contact on social media, which is why I also thought there were no ill intentions behind the appointment.”

The girl’s ex-boyfriend, Ji, was waiting for him, but moments later two hooded men joined the conversation. “They passed by me so that I could not escape,” he says. “A little later there were two more masked boys and I had to get into a car.”


The perpetrators and “K” finally made their way out to Tee Boiler Park, where they slapped him in the face and abdominal area. Then they forced me to undress, which I did out of fear. I didn’t know they were filming everything with the camera.” After taking his phone and wallet, they left K. alone in the park. Totally shocked by what had just happened, he got dressed and left on foot.

Less than an hour after he got home, his friends knocked on the door. “Come now, you’re naked on social media,” they shouted. K explained briefly what had just happened to him. The three together decided to confront G. again and agreed to do so.


As if K didn’t go through enough that evening, a second confrontation between the two led to a quarrel. The perpetrators, thirteen in total and distributed among three cars, got stuck in the car K. They began attacking the four passengers with knives and hammers. K says. “We tried to defend ourselves with our arms and legs. In the middle of that fight I got a stab wound to my thigh, but the adrenaline I only felt after we ran away. We immediately headed to the emergency room.”

The next morning, K decided to go to the police and file a report. The file is now eliminated. Justice takes the victim’s report seriously and has launched an investigation of the facts. “At the moment, no one has been arrested for questioning,” the Public Prosecution said.

Although nothing has been done yet, K still hopes that clarity will emerge soon. “It’s still hard to sleep,” he says. “When I walk down the street, I am always on the alert. The slightest sound amazes me, especially when they are cars. This is very stressful.” Many expressed their support for him on social media.

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