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Russian attacks and weapons package expected for Ukraine holiday |  Currently regularly gives you an overview of the situation in Ukraine. This time: Tensions over Ukraine’s Independence Day. On Wednesday the country celebrates National Day, but that day also marks the half-year of war in Ukraine. The US warns of a Russian attack wave and comes with the largest arms package yet for Ukraine.

The holiday takes place on the same day in 1991 when Ukraine separated from the then-Soviet Union. This immediately makes it a sensitive day for Russians.

Therefore, Washington warns of Russian attacks on civilian targets and government buildings in Ukraine. All Americans in the country were ordered to leave Ukraine. The United States expects the Russian president to intensify attacks not only on Wednesday, but also in the coming days.

The United States says it is also likely that the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, will be hit by missiles. Local authorities take this into account as well. Festive gatherings have been cancelled. In addition, many residents are trying to flee the city, said the adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. BBC Radio 4.

It is clear that Zelensky is trying to prevent the Russians from launching missiles on National Day. On Tuesday, he threatened that “any attack could face a strong response.” The president’s team also expects to see “the ugly side of Moscow” in the coming days.

Russia mourns the death of “Putin’s daughter, Whisper”

Russia did not respond to the statements of the United States and Ukraine. Besides the war, the Russians are also busy with another incident: the death of Daria Dugina. This is the daughter of Alexander Dugin, an influential adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Martyr Dugina, 29, her father may have been the target of the attack. Putin wrote in a statement this week that Dugina was a “brilliant and talented person with a true Russian heart.”

Hundreds of people attended a funeral in Moscow on Tuesday. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stressed that “there will be no mercy” for the perpetrators of the crimes. Ukraine has repeatedly denied responsibility for the attack.

The European Union and the United States come with new support

As previously reported, the United States is bringing a new arms package to Ukraine. The weapons will be worth more than $3 billion and are expected to be announced on Wednesday. A US government official confirmed the news to the news agency Reuters. It is the biggest deal since Russia invaded Ukraine.

Not only the United States is coming up with new support. For example, the European Union is working on a plan to train Ukrainian soldiers on a large scale. This should be done in neighboring EU countries. Defense ministers will discuss the plans next Monday.

The Netherlands already announced a new support package on Monday. About 80 million euros will be delivered to the country of President Zelensky. The bulk of the funds (65 million euros) is intended for the reconstruction of the country. Another 10 million to clear mines and other explosives. The assistance comes in addition to the €210 million of previously delivered military goods.

A little news from the front lines

There has been little news from the front lines in Ukraine in recent days. Both sides held to unsubstantiated claims about successful (secondary) attacks and air strikes from the opponent.

For example, Russia claims to have again destroyed the HIMARS missile systems near Odessa, which the West supplies to Ukraine. On the Ukrainian side, there were reports of Russian air strikes on civilian targets in Dnipro. It was not clear if there were any injuries.

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