Fifteen years later, the young Spaangas series is discontinued: “I recognize myself in the characters’

Fifteen years later, the young Spaangas series is discontinued: ``I recognize myself in the characters'

Fifteen years later, the well-known youth series is over Spangas† Tonight the final episode of the TV series can be watched on NPO 3. The drama brought to life sensitive social issues for young people.

Topics such as psychological problems, mourning, poverty and love were given attention. The characters were diverse in the broadest sense: a cancer patient, an adopted girl of two parents, and a refugee from Syria.

The KRO-NCRV series follows the daily lives of ten students, first at Spangales College, then at Spangas: Campus. The best high school in Holland, this was the idea of ​​its makers. The phrase “Together we are stronger than alone, we are all so different but still one” has been sung for years at the chain’s leader, a message that keeps coming back.

“The idea of ​​the series was to show what problems there are between young people, with the idea that you are not alone,” says Jasper Gottlieb, who starred in the series with his twin brother from the start for four seasons. “What I liked about it was that it wasn’t ethical,” Gottlieb says. According to him, the topics were an encouragement to start a conversation with each other.

sexual diversity

Isabelle (14 years old) from Leiden is in her third year of pre-professional secondary education and is a big fan of the drama series. “Every time something new happens it makes me want to keep watching.” She regrets that the program, which she followed for six seasons, is now ending.

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The student loves that there are many different actors and characters in the series. “You don’t see it in other shows. Like Leslie, He is not binaryand Caro, a transgender person. “Also in real life, the actors are trans and non-binary. Her favorite character is Noor, one of the main characters, in which she introduces herself.” Dual light. Sometimes I don’t even know if I like boys or girls,” Isabelle says.

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