Sony announces Xperia 1 IV on May 11 – tablets and phones – News

I mentioned earlier that they did not sell the Compact series very well.
I don’t know if you have numbers on this, but when I see audience Tweakers (by the way, these are often also family/friend group advisors), there’s a lot of talk about smaller phones and more responses under Sony Compact reviews/ads, Compared to regular Sony smartphones.

I always say quality over quantity, but in these types of articles, quality is on the same level. I can’t argue with the numbers, but I think the compact variant has been more successful and I am glad that Asus, Xiaomi and Samsung are now also offering reasonably compact high-end smartphones alongside Apple (the Pro variant).

As for the processor: Well, the 8 gen1 CPU is also good, but unfortunately now it turns out often that the Snapdragon 8 series * is reckless and can not be cooled very well. This was also the case, for example, with SD 810

For this reason, I would recommend an economical, fast, and great CPU that is available to people who are starting with different ROMs. This brought me to Series 7*** instead of Series 8.

Sony scored in Tweakers camera tests Not the best† They also didn’t get the highest scores in those types of reviews, even though the hardware was pretty good. I’ve noticed this in many of my reviews as well. The competition was still better and that’s what I judge without a trained eye.

The consumer is often notified by the store, and the ratings of others and friends/family (“tweakers”).

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