February 1, 2023

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Twitter is growing faster, not looking forward due to Elon Musk acquisition

Twitter is growing faster, not looking forward due to Elon Musk acquisition

For the first time in nearly two years, Twitter is experiencing a small growth spurt in the number of daily active users. Nearly 229 million people registered last quarter, an increase of 14 million over the previous quarter. The last time Twitter grew like this was at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

The tensions and ensuing war in Ukraine may have prompted more people to search for news via Twitter. The platform itself says nothing about it. The turnover also grew to $1.2 billion, but that was less than expected.

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These are company-specific quarterly numbers, as it will likely be one of the last times Twitter will present these numbers as a public company. That’s because Elon Musk bought it for $44 billion You want to take over the company Then take it out of the market. As a result, Twitter cannot provide a forecast for the next quarter, which is usually the case. Now there is a lot of uncertainty.

Twitter continues to grow, albeit slightly. The last time there was a loss was two years ago. This means that there is a relatively healthy and stable company, which also does not rival the top of Silicon Valley. He said that’s not important to Musk. Above all, he wants Twitter to be the place where freedom of expression is given space. At the moment, he is not interested in the economic aspect.