Minors on TikTok get a reminder to stop watching after 1 hour – Tablets, Phones – News

TikTok enables the pre-existing Daily Screen Time feature by default on junior accounts. The company says this should reduce screen time used by minors. Many teens have been using the app for much longer than the new 60-minute limit.

After those 60 minutes, users must enter a self-defined code to continue. The app will still be available after that time. Minors can also choose not to be asked for a code until after 100 minutes, Tik Tok says. After entering this code, there is no screen time limit from within the app, unless users or parents set it up.

Parents can also set children not to receive notifications from the app between certain times. By default, this does not happen in the evening and at night. Now it can also be set that the application does not require attention during, for example, study periods for tests or during family outings. The options for Silent Notifications and Screen Time are also available for adult users, but they are not turned on by default. The options can be found under Profile, under Settings & Privacy under the Screen Time heading. It will become the default timer for each minor profile at some point in the coming weeks.

More social media apps have gained tools in recent years to manage users’ screen time. Many minors spend hours a day inside apps like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. that it According to some scholars The cause of the sharp rise in psychological problems among adolescents worldwide in the past decade.

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