Family Guy also makes fun of Harry and Meghan

Family Guy also makes fun of Harry and Meghan

Peter Griffin, the main character Family life loving manIn the final episode of the animated series, he compares his life to that of the Sussexes when he loses everything and says he has to do it alone. This is a reference to Harry and Meghan, who withdrew from the British royal family in 2020, lost their titles and moved to the United States.

Later in the episode, Harry and Meghan also appear. The two were lying poolside when the butler handed Harry the million dollar Netflix paycheck he earned through the movie Who Knows Why. Harry says he has to put it “with the rest,” and then Meghan says it’s time again for the “daily sponsored Instagram post from Del Taco” that they earn $250,000 from. “I should never have left that made-up bullshit,” Harry sighs, referring to the British royal family.

Earlier this year, Harry and Meghan were also the target of mockery in another animated series, South Park. In the film, the bearded ginger prince and his black wife travel around the world on their Privacy World Tour to draw attention to the fact that they want to be left alone. Harry and Meghan were not mentioned by name, but it was clear that they were the Duke and Duchess.

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