Adele advised against Jennifer Lawrence’s role in the movie: ‘I should have listened to her’ | Movies and TV shows

Adele advised against Jennifer Lawrence's role in the movie: 'I should have listened to her' |  Movies and TV shows

If Jennifer Lawrence had listened to Adele, she wouldn’t have been in the movie in 2016 Passengers game. Actress says New York times That the singer advised her not to take a role in the film. Later, Lawrence Adele agrees.

The actress, who suspended her acting career in 2019, says so Passengers It was the movie that made her reconsider her choices. In the movie, Lawrence and Chris Pratt played people who wake up early in a spaceship where they had to stay asleep. “Adele told me not to do that. According to her, the space movies were the new vampire movies. I should have listened to it.”

Lawrence felt she couldn’t do anything good for her fans at the time. “I felt like they were only coming to the movie because I was in it and I was making the movie only because the fans were going to see it, which made me wonder, who actually decided that this was a good movie?” Lawrence said. .

The actress also criticized some of the films she made after her success hunger Gamesseries. “I didn’t deliver the quality I should have,” she said. Vanity Fair. “I think everyone is tired of me. I’m sick of myself.”

The actress disappeared after the movie X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which debuted in 2019, has been off the silver screen for a while. She returned last year with a role in the Netflix movie do not search. She will be appearing in the drama soon bridge.

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