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As you say yourself, it is subjective. But for me I like a little bit the following.

* The price compared to what you earn (or rather the amount left after fixed costs). I live on benefits, so 600 euros is a lot for me.

* How much does it cost to compare to what you get for it? I didn’t delve into it myself, but through a number of comments I read that this is a good thing in itself.

* What is the cost of similar products? Again from the comments here, this seems to be pretty good.

* How useful is it in everyday life? I would say no to this although it can be fun (I have no experience with VR) it is not as useful as fridge, clothes, phone to name a few. Of course I don’t want to say that everything you buy should be useful, but I will definitely keep that in mind.

* How much do you expect to use? In this case, I have no idea if I can handle virtual reality at all, so buying 600 euros is a lot as a test. In addition, how many fun games are expected at the moment? I know 11 games have been announced (I don’t know) but I don’t know what is being worked on now. PS4 VR has a lot of VR games according to So I expect it will be fine in the end.

* What is the estimated age? I’m thinking 8/9 years. By then, PS6 VR will be out for a while and many developers will switch to it. Of course, there is still a question whether another version will be released and whether it is worth buying. I would not be surprised if, for example, in 2-4 years a wireless professional version appeared, for example.

* How much improvement is there compared to the older version (which you already have). Quality vs PS4 VR should prove practical, of course. But since I don’t have the old VR, “optimization” doesn’t apply to me.
* Will the prices go down or will they go on sale soon? I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon in the next few years if it’s common. If you’re expecting it, you may be wondering if it’s worth the extra money compared to the waiting time. What is the effect of waiting for the product? In the case of the VR headset, this means that the life expectancy is reduced. Compared to a single player game. Whether I buy it now or in 5 years, I will be able to enjoy it for about the same amount of time.

When I think of these factors in this way, I think they are expensive. Not in terms of hardware what you get. But this is unknown to me so it is a risk. Besides, I don’t have a lot of money and I prefer to have some on hand for emergencies. Plus, I’m not expecting many games at the moment, so usage hours will be low at the moment.

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