Bloomberg: Apple will launch new AirPods in 2024 and new AirPods Pro in 2025 – Pictures and Audio – News

Apple may launch the fourth generation AirPods and a new version of AirPods Max with USB-C at the end of next year. Insiders reported this to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman. A new version of the AirPods Pro will follow a year later.

According to Bloomberg sources Apple will launch two new fourth-generation AirPods models next year, both of which will be positioned below the AirPods Pro. The first model serves as a replacement for the second generation AirPods; The other model replaces the AirPods 3. According to Gurman, prices will be comparable to its predecessors.

According to Bloomberg journalists, both versions will have an updated design resembling a “mixture” of AirPods 2 and AirPods 3, including shorter “stems” at the bottom. The more expensive model has active noise cancellation and a charging case with a speaker for FindMy notifications, just like the current AirPods Pro. According to the news agency, the two AirPods 4 models will also have an “improved fit,” but are unlikely to have silicone ear tips like the Pro models.

Apple also plans to release updated AirPods Max headphones in 2024, according to Bloomberg. The headphones will feature a USB-C charging port and new colors, but will receive a few other changes, Mark Gurman reports. The AirPods Pro will receive an update in 2025, Apple insiders claim. This model will have a new design and a new chip.

Current AirPods Pro headphones. Source: Apple

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