!@#$% on the future visions of Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox

!@#$% on the future visions of Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox

On Wednesday morning, something less known to casual viewers (as is often the case, there were some newly released games that were a little more important on Tuesday), is ready for you: a brand new edition of Peepshow. The section where Boris and JJ usually discuss the business side of gaming in a firm but evidence-based way. However, Boris is missing in this edition. The man had other obligations on the day of admission. Don’t worry, JJ has gathered Jasper and Kos and joined them in opening up a whole lot of ‘spins’. Games are at a crossroads. The old way of buying and playing games is now conflicting with the desire of some parties to set up subscription services, play games over the cloud, and deliver titles only digitally. How are Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox addressing this challenge? You’ll get the answer in this edition of Peepshow.

Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox all face their own challenges

Now that the deal with Activision/Blizzard (we can’t get that term out of our throats) is behind us, we and the console producers can start looking forward. As mentioned, there are great challenges ahead. Nintendo should come up with a new Switch. What will it look like? Will he really take a step forward technologically? What is their stance on subscription models? PlayStation faces other challenges. Their current business model is under pressure. Especially if they lose the appeal of third-party games. How do they want to address this? And why the hugely increased focus on live service games?

How do the three ensure they are still successful in 5 years?

And then Xbox. He will take a completely different approach. The 2 billion popular gamers want to reach. How are they going to do that? Does the Activision/Blizzard deal help enough? Will something change? Game arcade? And how will they push their consoles when their motto is that they don’t care what you play your games on? Jasper, JJ, and Kos take a look at the future.

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