De Bevers throws a big concert for 10,000 visitors on Ahoy

John de Bever en zijn man Kees (foto: ANP/Hollandse Hoogte/MMP Mischa Schoemaker)

John de Biver will give a big concert for 10,000 visitors at Ahoy in Rotterdam on Saturday, September 30th. “Beavers are going to Ahoy” revealed the folk singer Wednesday afternoon on Umrup Brabant’s Punt Brabant radio show. “We take people to Rotterdam. There we turn the function hall into the most comfortable living room in the Netherlands,” he told presenter Hubert Moll.

“A lot of people ask if it’s a dream come true, but I’m not much of a dreamer. I love being on stage with my husband and her manager Kiss. ​​I sing with a good band and we have some great artists to introduce. Guest.,” he sounds enigmatic.

John doesn’t want to reveal the “big names” who will be performing at the gala just yet. “It’s a new concept and it’s definitely going to be a sight,” he promises. Ticket sales begin Thursday.

Is an experienced artist like John still nervous for such a full ahoy, Hubert asks? “At the Gelredome, 30,000 people performed at Snollebollekes. It can go wrong. You should not think in advance that you will lose your voice, for example. That is the question of the gods.”

The third season of the reality series “De Bevers” premieres on RTL5 on Thursday night. With the soap, the lovers get an insight into the lives of John and his husband, Kes.

“We’ve only seen a small part of the new series, and we won’t see more. This is also more exciting and fun for us. The content will be better than expected. We don’t have much to tell all of them,” John says with a laugh.

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